Don’t Underestimate the Value of Home Staging to Sell Your Home

As an interior designer and home staging professional, one of the frequent questions I am asked is if home staging is really necessary when listing a home for sale. The answer is a resounding yes! National statistics and scientific polls support home staging and the incredible effect it has on the length of time your home will sit on the market versus non-staged homes. On average, a staged home will sell 73% faster than a non-staged home. Think about that. Also, the average length of time a professionally- staged home sits on the market before selling is 14 days. Of course, none of this is written in stone. There are variables, and every situation is different.

There are a variety of staged-to-sell programs that can range from $100 to a percentage of the selling price of the home. Working with a trusted design or staging professional, in conjunction with your real estate agent, makes a winning combination. People also ask me for some great staging tips, so I am happy to share some of my favorites in our first design blog!

  • Less is always more! It’s hard to depersonalize your home, but it is necessary and worth it. Declutter your rooms. Too many items on a coffee table, built-in shelves, or the floor will make the space feel cramped and busy. Stick to a few statement pieces and oversized art to give the appearance of open and clean lines. The house will look bigger.


  • Paint! Painting is a very cost-effective and do-it-yourself friendly way to update and freshen up your home. It gives your home a maintained and overall clean feeling. Don’t think it all has to be neutral, but select a couple of colors and then add in your neutrals. It will make your furniture and artwork pop!


  • The way your house smells is huge when you have potential buyers walk in to consider purchasing your property! Light candles that have a clean scent or, better yet, bake cookies or bread before a showing and the house will smell like home to those potential buyers!


  • Another important but very easy thing to do before a showing is to make sure all the lights are on! Open those draperies and let the sun shine in. Add mirrors around or directly across from a window to reflect light. Bright and cheerful says it all to make your home feel inviting.


  • Lastly, make your bed, but don’t just make it, make it a sanctuary. You want buyers to feel totally relaxed when they walk into the master. Crisp white linens and fluffy, plump bedding and pillows create a luxurious, spa-like feel to any bedroom.


For additional design or home staging tips, we welcome your emails at, or give us a call at 502-836-7318 and one of our expert design professionals will be glad to talk with you.

Happy Staging!


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